Eesti (21.-28.8.)

I hope you all remember Helen, probably the only one, who could really speak Finnish in 12A :-). I am glad to have visited her and to have met her friends and family. We've travelled literally whole country (Tallinn, Pärnu, Viljandi, Tartu), and even been to an Estonian wedding. This was a week to remember!

Eesti is a beautiful country, with tons of wooden houses, wooden forests and wooden saunas. Tallinn is a lot different from the rest (not wooden at all).

Rainy beach in Pärnu
Kissing students, Tartu
Helen and her friend
A real ship, that the friend has built with even more friends (including Helen)
The city flag of Tartu
No, it's not common to live in such a house
The wedding of Agne & Ivo
All wedding attendants
Helen the dance tigress
Estonian bridesmaids
Eesti tüdrukud
Helen & Aare